Doug Craig's Vision for Cambridge

My Vision For Cambridge

Doug Craig at City HallThis fall as your mayor seeking re-election, I will be introducing a programme of change that I want to bring to the Cambridge community. This will not only build upon the success of the past, but also serve as a detailed plan that will enable us to face the challenges of the future in the ever changing global community.

Cambridge is unique with its mosaic of heritage buildings woven into the urban structure of the former communities. Cambridge is also unique in its commitment to the urban environment with a Gold LEED City Hall that reflects those prized values and stands alone as the only building of its type when it was built in all of Canada.

This fall we have an opportunity to once again build upon the accomplishments of the past few years and move Cambridge ahead as an environmentally friendly, historically significant community founded on one of the most beautiful urban landscapes in Ontario. We will continue to expand and build Cambridge as a larger economic force in southern Ontario. I want to be your Mayor to help realize that further potential is waiting for all of us.

Over the past four terms, I have built a strong record on behalf of the citizens of Cambridge. The Waterloo School of Architecture, the new digital library, the pedestrian bridge, the acquisition of the lands for the Preston soccer fields and the beautiful streetscaping in Hespeler are only a few of my achievements. While pushing forward, I have always accepted the new challenges and with my “SAFECITY” plan, I will be making the changes that will make Cambridge more liveable and a better place for everyone.

The coming years are going to be especially important as Cambridge will experience further growth in our population, our changing economy, and our position within the region, the province and Canada. We need to ensure that Cambridge is leading the way in all of these areas while ensuring that we value those elements that have made this community a great place to call home. In the coming months, I look forward to sharing the details of my plan on how we can work together to ensure Cambridge continues to grow as a strong city.

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