Doug Craig for Mayor

Dear Citizens of Cambridge,

This is what I hope the people of Cambridge either know about me already—or what I would like them to know about me: First, I am passionate about my city. I love the fact, that at the core, we are a hard—working community.

I am proud to represent this city because there is a depth of care and concern for others that our city exhibits and which is unmatched by other communities. It is a community that fights for what we believe in. We are positive and we are good team players, but believe me we are not passive. We can be critical when criticism is warranted, but we are never, ever complacent. But above all, beyond all else, there is this: We have strength, an inner resolve that pushes us forward. We have a compassion that always, inevitably, shows itself when there are needs to be met, when fellow citizens in need reach out in hope of a helping hand.

In all, Cambridge is a special city. It is my city and I am proud to be your Mayor.

Doug Craig
Mayor Doug Craig

My Vision For Cambridge

This fall as your mayor seeking re-election, I will be introducing a programme of change that I want to bring to the Cambridge community. This will not only build upon the success of the past, but also serve as a detailed plan that will enable us to face the challenges of the future in the ever changing global community.

Cambridge is unique with its mosaic of heritage buildings woven into the urban structure of the former communities. Cambridge is also unique in its commitment to the urban environment with a Gold LEED City Hall that reflects those prized values and stands alone as the only building of its type when it was built in all of Canada.

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